Fortnite player discovers XP glitch to earn over 100,000 XP under 10 seconds, here’s how

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 may be very different from previous seasons, but it is similar in at least one way. The Battle Pass remains a grind. The Battle Pass has been complicated to level up over the past few seasons.

Even with the introduction of Milestone Quests, it still takes players time to level up and unlock rewards like the highly coveted Doctor Strange skin.

This often forces gamers to turn their attention to other XP-earning methods. Some of these might be frowned upon (by Epic Games), especially certain XP glitches. However, XP is XP, and it counts towards the Battle Pass.

One Fortnite YouTuber has discovered a couple of Creative map XP glitches, one of which rewards 100,000 XP in a minimal amount of time.


Fortnite player finds two great XP glitches in Creative mode

The first map’s code is 9672-7168-4007. Players need to enter a private game for this map. Inside the map, there are blue arrows on the ground, one of which points participants to a blue wall. The wall can be walked through, and players should do so.

There is a phone booth next to the “rate this map” item in the room. Gamers should climb up onto the phone booth, using the item if necessary. They can then mantle up onto what appears to be an invisible floor.

In the corner above the “Shop” sign, players need to do an emote. Any will suffice. After that, they will be transported into a secret room with just one button to interact with. Doing so will begin the XP earning process, which is potentially up to 100,000 in just 10 seconds.

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The phone booth to climb on (Image via GKI on YouTube)
The phone booth to climb on (Image via GKI on YouTube)

Here is the second map code: 6018-3393-6082. Fortnite players need to navigate to the corner where there’s a sign for the map. At the very edge of the map, there’s a secret button.

This will transport gamers into another secret room where they can interact with one of two secret XP buttons to start the flow of XP once again. At the time of writing, these Creative maps still award XP, but Epic Games tends to act quickly on those.

They are not big fans of players using Fortnite XP glitches or Creative maps like this and have even banned some. If gamers try and use these maps with no XP, it’s possible that Epic Games stepped in.