Furi gets new DLC after six years, but snubs Xbox

The Game Bakers today announced a surprise new DLC drop for intense action game Furi some six years after the game first released… but the bad news is that it’s set to come to every platform except Xbox later this month.

This unexpected new DLC drop for Furi will come alongside a free new-gen upgrade for owners of the PS4 version, and will even let them carry their saves across to the shiny new PS5 release. Which, to add insult to injury, will come with a new stack of trophies, just like all PS5 upgrades do, while Xbox owners seemingly won’t be getting the DLC or the upgrade.

Furi update and DLC coming to PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch… but not Xbox

The Game Bakers told Gematsu that there are no plans for an Xbox release of the DLC or the new-gen upgrade. We’ve reached out ourselves to try and find out why this might be the case, and will update you if/when we learn more.

Furi is an incredible stylish action game that is worth playing for its phenomenal soundtrack alone (the update won’t add any new tunes, sadly), so this news will leave a pretty sour taste in the mouth for Xbox players, who will apparently need to go elsewhere if they want to try out Furi’s new character or see it looking better than ever on new hardware. Apologies if this feels a bit like un-news, but I feel it’s important to shine a light on things like this, making fans aware so they can reach out and voice their own frustration at the Xbox version of this superb game getting left behind while all other versions get better.

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Disappointed we won’t be getting Furi’s new DLC and update on Xbox? Still plan on trying it out on another system, or is this strange snub reason enough to give it a miss? Let us know!