Fortnite Omega Knight Could Hit Item Shop Tonight, according to leaker

With the quests already confirmed by Epic Games, according to one leaker, there’s a good chance that the new Fortnite Omega Knight Pack will go live in the Item Shop tonight.

The Fortnite Item Shop is refreshed every 24-hours with new paid content, and the Omega Knight skin is one of the new designs that has been leaked online.

It’s certainly become one of the most searched new skins on Google, and those fans waiting for it to drop might not have long to wait.

Fortnite | Zero Build Gameplay Trailer



Fortnite | Zero Build Gameplay Trailer





Fortnite Omega Knight Could Hit Item Shop Tonight

According to reliable leaker Shiina on Twitter, the new Fortnite Omega Knight Skin could arrive in the Item Shop Tonight. The Reset Time for the shop is usually set for 0:00 UTC, meaning the next drop will be arriving on May 4 in the UK. We already know that the Omega Knight skin is coming to Fortnite due to several high-profile leaks online, and a recent Epic Games post.

The Fortnite support team shared some bug news earlier today, revealing that some fans are already receiving Omega Knight Quests. These are not ready to go live and might not be available to play through until next week. However, the message confirms that the Omega skin is coming to the game, and the timing of the glitch suggests it will be soon.

The message from Epic Games explains: “We’re investigating an issue where the ‘Omega Knight’ Quest category is incorrectly appearing for players. No quests or rewards have been granted or missed, we’ll provide an update when we have more info.”

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And here’s the latest news shared by Shiina on the potential release schedule for the new skin and quests: “The Omega Knight Pack will most likely be in the Item Shop tonight, as the Week 2 Quests are exactly 7 days away from now.”

From what has been shared so far, the new Omega Knight will come with a couple of different variant options, and a complete list of cosmetic items to replace things like the Pick Axe in-game. Expect more news from Epic Games to be shared tonight if such an update does go live in the Fortnite item Shop via the normal social media channels.

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