New World 1.4.4 Update Coming Soon, Patch Notes Released

New World‘s 1.4.4 update is set to go live in just a few short hours. This week’s update isn’t a very large one, but it does add some improvements that fans should be happy about. Most notably, developer Amazon Games will open up a batch of names that were previously unavailable, as they were held by now-deactivated accounts. Beyond that, players can also look forward to a large number of bug fixes, which will hopefully make for a more enjoyable experience. Full patch notes from the game’s official website can be found below: 


  • Unlocked names that were previously marked as ‘in-use’ by deleted characters. Players can now use these names!

  • Fixed an issue that could cause global events and timers to negatively impact server performance.

  • Fixed an issue that could permanently disable dodging after becoming exhausted.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crafting session to fail during periods of high latency.

  • Tempest’s Heart Replica weapons now craft within the intended 597 to 600 GS range (when crafted with max tier ingredients and using all buffs). Tempest’s Heart Replica weapons were previously crafting at too high of a Gear Score level. 

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Alacrity, Empowered, and Fortified Amulet perks to disable the Freedom, Vigor, and Invigorated Armor perks if equipped in a specific order.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Shield perks to be applied even when a Sword wasn’t equipped.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Mortar Charge to get stuck in a state where all shots became mortar shots.

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Hatchet Berserk and Ice Gauntlet Ice Pylon abilities to not come off of cooldown.

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  • Fixed an issue that caused Marks of Fortune dialogue to pop up when attempting to purchase server transfer tokens under certain conditions.

  • New World was released last September, quickly finding an audience of passionate fans. The MMO has made a lot of changes over the last few months, and it seems fans are generally happy with the game’s current direction. Players will be able to judge the latest update for themselves when it goes live at 11 p.m PT on May 3rd! Until then, readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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