The Fortnite building glitch only 1% of players know about

Even after half a decade since its release, there are several glitches in Fortnite. The likes of XP glitches and other hilarious exploits are very common. However, there are still many of Epic’s mistakes that players are yet to find out.

One such rarely known glitch is a building texture glitch. Only a few Loopers know about this glitch and understand how annoying it can be. Unlike other exploits, this one isn’t as game-breaking. It doesn’t give any advantage to players, nor does it land them in hilarious situations.

Clearly, fans will be intrigued to learn more about the rarest Fortnite glitch that only 1% of players know of. This glitch can happen in creative mode as well as in pubs and sometimes occurs at the worst time ever.


Rarest Fortnite glitch players will ever know

Since the last couple of seasons, XP glitches have become way too common in the battle royale game. Moreover, there are plenty of other game-breaking glitches that keep showing up very frequently, and Epic doesn’t take too long to fix them. However, there is one extremely rare glitch that the developers have seemed to overlook.

Many a time, players end up facing this rare texture glitch while building. An outline of the texture starts appearing as a shadow on the screen and doesn’t go away. The visibility becomes worse and makes it confusing for players to build.

The glitch happens with those players who have set their rendering mode to DirectX 11, which is why it is so rare. This only happens if players switch tabs after entering into the game and then switch back to the game tab. However, players can fix the glitch by opening the Menu and closing it.

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Is Fortnite a glitchy game?

The number of glitches that keep showing up in the battle royale game might make one think that it is a broken game. However, almost all of these glitches are harmless and not at all game-breaking. Moreover, as soon as Epic Games takes note of a glitch, it is fixed immediately.

The battle royale game might be far from perfect. However, it is still one of the most polished games out there. Glitches in Fortnite actually make it more fun sometimes than being an obstruction while enjoying the game. Hopefully, the texture glitch will also be fixed as soon as possible so that DirectX 11 players can run their games smoothly.