How to destroy structures with the Cow Catcher in Fortnite Chapter 3

Building elegant and complex structures in Fortnite is truly an art. However, in the Zero-Build mode, players must rely on hiding behind whatever cover they can find without the ability to construct structures or safety.

Even though they aren’t as strong as metal builds, they absorb a decent amount of damage. Depending on the kind of weapon being used, the person hiding behind them can stay safe for some time. This makes it hard for the attacker to gain any ground. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to destroy the structure.

Use Cow Catcher to destroy structures in Fortnite to earn 20,000 XP (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)
Use Cow Catcher to destroy structures in Fortnite to earn 20,000 XP (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)

To teach Loopers the ‘art of destruction,’ Epic Games is tasking them with using Cow Catchers to destroy structures in Fortnite. Although these utility items are mainly used for defensive purposes, they can be used offensively when attached to a vehicle. Upon completing the task, players will be rewarded with 20,000 XP.

Master the ‘art of demotion by destroying structure using a Cow Catcher in Fortnite Chapter 3

To complete this challenge, players will need three simple things: a vehicle, a Cow Catcher, and a location where there are a lot of structures and buildings available to destroy.

Find a vehicle


There are a lot of vehicles available for players to select for the challenge. Depending on where they land, they’ll have numerous options. However, the best vehicle for the challenge would be the Armor Battle Bus. It can be found at Condo Canyon, Synapse Station, Sanctuary, The Daily Bugle, and Coney Crossroads.

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Since it already comes fitted with a Cow Catcher, players will not have to find one to attach to it. Furthermore, since it has a vast HP pool of 2,250 HP, players will not have to worry about it being destroyed. If the Armored Battle Bus cannot be secured, OG Bearn and Titano Mudflap are good substitutes.

Find a Cow Catcher and use it


Cow Catchers can be found all over the island in Fortnite. Players can obtain them from chests as well as floor loot. Given these are common items, a few can easily be found lying about.

To use them, players need to select them from their inventory and toss them towards the vehicle they intend to use. It will snap itself in place and will be ready to go.

The best POI to find structures


There are two options that players will have for choosing a POI. However, it depends on where they land and what type of vehicle they can secure. If they land in locations that house the Armored Battle Bus, they can use the vehicle to ram into buildings and complete the challenge.

However, if they do not intend to use the Armored Battle Bus, Sleepy Sound will be the best place to land. The location has twenty vehicles in total and plenty of buildings to destroy. This will give players the freedom to pick and choose whatever they want to complete the challenge.

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