Fisher-Price toy modded into fully working Xbox controller –

A lot of us grew up with Fisher-Price toys when we were kids, and the brand is still going strong, making baby friendly versions of every day items. Like the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller, which vaguely looks like an Xbox controller, but plays sounds and music while lighting up and so on while using it.

As it is somewhat reminiscent of an Xbox controller, it was just a matter of time before a modder would make a fully functioning version – and now precisely this has happened. The self-proclaimed “Builder of bizarre controllers”, Rudeism, has now made a Fisher-Price controller you can use for gaming while keeping all the sound and light effects intact. As it only has one analog stick, he made the switch on the lower right handle flip between the right and left stick.

Check out the video in the tweet below where Rudeism explains this strange thing while playing Elden Ring. Pretty cool, huh?

Fisher-Price toy modded into fully working Xbox controller

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