Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Coming to PS4, Xbox, or Switch?


Poppy Playtime is back in the spotlight with the release of its second chapter. This little indie horror allows everyone to live out their childhood dream of being inside a toy factory all alone. However, this dream quickly turns into a nightmare as you realize that the fun and cuddly toys are alive and out to get you. The first chapter of the game set up an unsettling atmosphere with the scariest event being right at the end of the chapter. Chapter two of Poppy Playtime continues the story and many are wondering if it will be released on their favorite console.

Is Poppy Playtime Chapter Two Coming to Consoles?

Just like chapter one of Poppy Playtime, it seems like fans will have to wait a while for a console release of Chapter two. The Developers of the game seem a lot more focused on getting the full game out first on PC and then working on porting it over to other systems when they are finished with the full game. This is a good idea for the most part as it will allow the developers more manpower to get the fully finished since they won’t need to split teams to work on console releases and the rest of the game.


Something you can do on a console while you wait however is to farm up the new SMG in Destiny 2 that was released with the Guardian Games. It may not be a horror game, but it is something you can pass the time with while you wait for Poppys Playtime to get finished and put ported onto other systems. However, once Poppy Playtime is finished, the question is how will it be sold on consoles.

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Currently, the game is being sold episodically on PC with the first chapter being free and other chapters costing $10. But with the whole game done, they could sell it as one full game with a higher price tag on consoles. If you need any more help with Poppy Playtime make sure to check out our other guides.

Poppy Playtime is available on PC.