Where do you find Hunting Rifles in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2?

It was another patch day in Fortnite, and it came with a few changes to the game. In addition to the Legendary Airstrike, the Hunting Rifle also became available. The Hunting Rifle is one of the oldest weapons in the game. It was introduced to the game during the first chapter and has been in and out of the vault ever since.

Compared to the other sniper rifles, the Hunting Rifle is more accurate in shorter ranges and faster too. Though it may not be the best option to hold onto in later stages, it can allow players to score a few quick kills in the early game.

Where can you find the Hunting Rifle in Fortnite?

The Hunting Rifle can be found as floor loot and inside loot chests. It’s a fairly common drop, and the chances of finding one will be relatively high. If you’re looking to take out all the enemy players around you, you should pair the Hunting Rifle with an Assault Rifle or an SMG.

After landing a quick shot with the Hunting Rifle, switch over to your secondary weapon to seal the deal. The Hunting Rifle is likely to stay out of the vault until the end of the season, but it can lose its spot to another sniper rifle in the next season depending on the season’s theme or the meta.

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