‘Core Keeper’ gets its first major content update with The Sunken Sea

Core Keeper is gaining its first major content update, with official dedicated server support now included.

From today, players can now operate their own dedicated servers, allowing them to host worlds for others to access at any time. Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have provided a guide on how to set up a dedicated server.

In addition, Pugstorm has revealed details of what to expect from The Sunken Sea – the game’s first major content update. Due for release in June, the update will add a water-based biome to the game. The area will offer large, mysterious bodies of water to explore, as well as a series of islands.

Because of the water-based nature of the new area, boats will also be introduced to the game for the first time. These will allow players to explore their surroundings more easily.

Core Keeper
‘Core Keeper’. CREDIT: Fireshine Games

The update will also offer multiple new enemy types, along with new weapons and gear. There will also be the opportunity to mine new valuables and ore, as well as discover new fish, plants and food. New base building items will give players more experimentation options too.

For now, that’s all we know about The Sunken Sea update. The PC Gaming Show on June 12 will offer the full reveal of the substantial inclusion. Sven Thole, CEO and animator at the developer also added that the team is “looking forward to sharing much more with players in the weeks ahead”.

Core Keeper is available for PC via Steam Early Access. Since launching in March, it has accrued almost 1million players.

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