Epic Games employee accidentally goes live on Fortnite YouTube account, leaks future plans

Leaks have become rather commonplace with regard to Fortnite. Nearly every day, a new skin, a new emote, or something even bigger gets leaked. Epic Games is rarely able to surprise players with new content because they come to know about it ahead of its release.

This is largely intentional. Epic Games puts things in the game files knowing that dataminers will find them. They also give things directly to leakers and content creators. For example, to leak the Doctor Strange skin, they told Tabor Hill on YouTube to use the word Strange repeatedly in a video.

However, every now and again, something is unintentionally leaked. It’s hard to know if Epic truly didn’t want whatever it was to get out, but it does happen sometimes. This time, an Epic employee may have accidentally leaked their future plans during a livestream.

Epic Games employee may have accidentally leaked Fortnite’s future plans

Nothing of major importance seemed to be revealed during the stream. What was captured seems to indicate that Epic Games has planned six more livestreams for this season, including three set to take air next weekend.

This is not a surprise as there are so many events that get streamed in Fortnite, mostly on the competitive side of the game.

The screen showed the Kelsier skin released almost a year ago, so that’s not important or consequential. Two employees were chatting in the video, one of which is speculated to have been Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard. The main employee speaking during most of the stream has yet to be identified.

They also alluded to the fact that drops will be added to YouTube soon. This is a popular way of giving players free cosmetic rewards; those who sign in to watch certain things have often been given rewards. This is usually what happens during a tournament. For instance, most recently, the team gave away free cosmetic rewards to those who watched the stream related to the Fortnite Chica Cup.

Chica Cup (Image via Epic Games)
Chica Cup (Image via Epic Games)

This time, Epic Games plans to bring the drops to YouTube by the end of Chapter 3 Season 2 and will be using the remaining FNCS streams (the six they mentioned on stream) to test this feature; this feature may become a staple of future Fortnite streams.

The Stream that Fortnite accidentally did was basically just them talking about Twitch/YouTube Drops

Nothing super important

The Stream that Fortnite accidentally did was basically just them talking about Twitch/YouTube DropsNothing super important

It should be noted that this is a leak and therefore is untrustworthy. The information does seemingly come from Epic Games, but until there is any official announcement, it’s speculative information that players should take with a grain of salt.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh