Fortnite YouTuber discovers how to get (almost) unlimited metal in Chapter 3 Season 2

Materials are extremely important in Fortnite. Since building has returned to the game and Zero Build is a separate game mode on its own, materials have, once again, become very important in the game. Many players probably might have forgotten about harvesting them since they have spent so much time ignoring them, but now they need to gather them once again to survive and win in this battle royale.

Building is an important part of the game, and when Fortnite gamers run out of materials, it can be extremely dangerous. This usually occurs in end-of-game scenarios and can result in a loss for the player.

Loopers typically destroy all the trees they come across as they are easy to break and will reward them with plenty of wood. However, one Fortnite YouTuber may have come up with an excellent way of getting nearly unlimited amounts of the best material available in the game, metal.

How to get maximum metal in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

There are two requirements that need to be fulfilled by the player in order to pull this off. First, players need to have an RV or two nearby. Second, they need a lot of repair torches. This YouTuber was playing in duos, and both members of the team had five repair torches each.


One might think that repair torches do not work on immobile vehicles, but evidently, they do. Repair torches are commonly found in tool boxes that frequently spawn at gas stations and other places on the map.

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Getting ten or even five of them is definitely a challenge for players. However, there is a workaround. Repair torches can be refilled at gas stations.

If players run out of uses, and if they are near a gas station (like the Fortnite YouTuber was in the video), they can repeatedly use one repair torch.

To accomplish this, gamers need a teammate. They can do it on their own, but having a teammate makes it much quicker.

One player can start harvesting the RV while the other constantly uses the repair torch on it. Harvesting is faster than the repair torch, so gamers will need to slow down towards the end so they don’t accidentally break the RV.

Fortnite RV (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite RV (Image via Epic Games)

For every repair torch, players can expect to get around 150 metal using this method. This means that with the ten repair torches that these two gamers had, they can expect well over 1,000 metal. The maximum a player can hold is 999, so they will have some to share with their teammate.

However, players should note that this method takes a long time, which is why the storm overtook them in the video. However, players can do it for as long as possible and still collect a lot of metal.