Why Ninja Is Concerned For The Future Of Fortnite

Ninja brought up the possibility of Zero Build negatively impacting the competitive scene during a recent stream (per Daily Clips Central). “I don’t know if they want to split up their community that much where there is … a Zero Build and a build, solos, duos, trios, and squads. And now there is a Zero Build and build solos, duos, trios, arena, right?” Ninja said. “I don’t think they want to do that. I wouldn’t do that if I were them… There literally might not be enough players in the game to split up the playlists that much.”

For better or worse, building set “Fortnite” apart from its competitors. Building, which relies on players collecting wood, brick, and metal with a pickaxe at the beginning of matches, allows players to “build” structures like walls and even entire towers from materials in the game. Competitive “Fortnite” matches can often look like “Tetris,” with pros strategically toppling each other’s towers and building their own multi-story mansions. Understandably, this pushed away those who preferred traditional FPS and tactical gameplay. Now, players like Ninja fear that embracing more traditional battle royale conventions in competitive settings might be the wrong move.

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