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Welcome to our guide “Prey: What Are The Best Tips For Beginners?”. Preparing for the space station with basic Prey strategies will help you live in a realm where inanimate items cannot be trusted. So, stick to these Prey pointers and you’ll be even finding Typhons within no time.

Prey: What Are The Best Tips For Beginners?

Need night-vision goggles? Just use a psychotronic scanner!

So, your clever scanner does more than just locate mimics or research Tyrants. That’s a lot, but still. Putting it on your eyes provides you some night vision. So when your flashlight battery is low, just press R3 and use your psychotronic scanner’s greyscale to navigate Talos-1’s dangerous environment. Unless its laser lines aren’t too flashy, it’s a terrific method to never be caught without a torch.

Follow your instincts to find mimics

Trust your gut throughout the game. The key to detecting mimics is to utilize your scope and look around. Keep an eye out for copies of anything, such as seats behind the single desk or buckets beside a “wet floor” sign, then whip out your GLOO Gun. You can even use a wrench to startle a mimic. Killing a mimic while disguised deals more damage, thus it’s better to sneak up on it than charge in. Note that a Prey’s ultimate goal is paranoia.

Keep upgrading your GLOO Gun?

In the game, using GLOO Gun is your best option for breathing space. It stuns attackers, allowing you to either wrench those lesser mimics to oblivion or use your shotgun on the larger phantoms. Keep upgrading the gloo gun as quickly as possible to save GLOO. You’ll get the most out of the ammo, and phantoms are exceptionally dangerous, so every second counts.

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