Where to plant saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters in Fortnite

In an effort to preserve the Island, a Week 8 Seasonal Quest tasks us with planting saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters in Fortnite. The ceaseless Fortnite conflict has left the Island in shambles, so this Challenge is just one step in an attempt to return the Island to its former glory. With our mission assigned, let’s go over where to plant saplings at Bomb Crater Clusters in Fortnite.

What Are Fortnite Bomb Crater Clusters?


The ongoing war between The Seven and the Imagined Order has taken its toll on the Island. Various areas around the Island have been decimated by bombings, leaving crater clusters in their wake.

Fortnite Bomb Crater Cluster Locations


There are three Fortnite Bomb Crater Cluster sites, none of which are labelled on the in-game map. The three Bomb Crater Cluster locations are:

  • Catastrophe Crater: north of the Daily Bugle and east of Sleepy Sound
  • Crispy Crater: south of Greasy Grove
  • Infiltrator Crater: north of Condo Canyon and west of The Joneses

Where To Plant Saplings At Bomb Crater Clusters In Fortnite

Catastrophe Crater Saplings

The points to plant saplings at Catastrophe Crater all surround the Unremarkable House Landmark.


Out in front of the house, right beside a crater, is a spot to plant a Fortnite sapling.


Directly behind the house, next to a bush, you’ll find another site to plant a sapling.


Follow the dirt path behind the Unremarkable House and take a left. There’s one more place to plant a sapling next to a smoking Bomb Crater.

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Crispy Crater Saplings

You’ll want to search for the next set of sapling blueprints at the Bomb Crater Cluster site just east of Seven Outpost I and north of Windbreakers.


There’s a spot to plant a sapling between some craters on the far east side of this Bomb Crater Cluster location.


Just south-west of the last sapling is another place to plant a sapling. You can plant this particular sapling in the grass beside some pine trees.


You can plant a third sapling west of a giant crater near the Seven Outpost.

Infiltrator Crater Saplings


At the north-west corner of Infiltrator Crater is a shack with a red roof. To the west of this building is a place to plant a sapling.


South of this same shack, near where the Desert Biome begins, is another spot to plant a sapling. Plant the sapling next to a smoking crater and some dead trees.


In the north-east corner of Infiltrator Crater is a stone head statue. Beside the statue, you’ll find one more location to plant a sapling.

All in all, there are nine different sites where you can plant a Fortnite sapling at Bomb Crater Clusters. However, you only need to plant three saplings to satisfy this Week 8 Seasonal Quest. 

Each of the Bomb Crater Cluster locations features three points to plant saplings. So, visit the Bomb Crater Cluster of your choice and plant seeds for all of the saplings to complete the Challenge.

For your hard work, you’ll enjoy 20k XP toward your Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass and Season Level.