Fortnite unlocks Prowler Skin 2 days early

Fortnite has been the go-to place for pop culture crossovers in the last few years. Epic seems to have cornered the market on brand partnerships with Marvel, Warner Brothers, and many more. The latest Marvel crossover saw the locked addition of Prowler. While he was originally supposed to drop two days from now, he’s been released early to the game.

Prowler comes with a full Outfit set, complete with a claw emote, claw harvesting tools, and a purple glider that matches the character’s look. Like The Foundation last season, players will need to unlock the super-villain and his tools by completing various challenges. To unlock the full set, players will need to complete all the challenges before the season ends.

To unlock each new cosmetic, you’ll need to complete the following objectives:

  • Slash and Smash Emote – Complete seven Prowler quests
  • Energy Claw – Deal 500 damage while crouched or sliding
  • Prowler Banner Icon – Collect three different weapons of Epic rarity or higher in a single match
  • Prowler Tag Spray – Use any Spray at The Daily Bugle
  • Prowler Outfit – Complete three of the other Prowler quests
  • Sky Prowler Glider – Search seven chests before taking any damage
  • Mark of the Prowler Wrap – Headshot opponents with a thermal gun
  • On the Prowl Loading Screen – Collect 300 gold bars
  • Prowler’s Grasp Emoticon – Mod a vehicle, then drive it 500 meters in a single match

Some of these quests will be a little more challenging than others, but they’re similar to other challenges the players have faced before. Those who want to get the full Prowler set only have about 45 days until the end of the season on June 3.

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