Multiverse Fighters Simulator Codes Roblox May 2022

The multiverse theory suggests that there are an unlimited number of universes besides our own. Ever since it was first proposed, this concept has fascinated people all around the world, from scientists to artists. The multiverse is an especially important idea for comicbooks, which often use this idea to explain the inconsistencies in their decades-long runs. Recently, the MCU has also started leaning heavily on this idea in movies such as Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As such, it’s no wonder that video games also began using the multiverse for their gameplay ideas. One such game is the Multiverse Fighters Simulator and we are going to list out all the codes currently available for this Roblox game as of May 2022.

Multiverse Fighters Simulator Codes Roblox May 2022

Codes For Multiverse Fighters Simulator Roblox May 2022

Now, before we list out the codes themselves, we have to give a small disclaimer first. We are not affiliated with the developers of this game in any way, we are just listing out the codes to make it easier for players to find them all in one place. So, if a code – or codes – isn’t working, we really can’t do anything about that. And with that out of the way, here is the complete list of all the codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulator:

  • sorry4shutdowns – When you redeem this code, you will get +5 luck for 30 minutes.
  • doctorkerocyte – When you redeem this code, you will get +5 Luck and 2x Shiny Chance for 10 minutes.
  • 5klikes – When you redeem this code, you will get 2x damage for 20 minutes.
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How to Redeem Multiverse Fighters Simulator Roblox

To redeem the codes in Multiverse Fighters Simulator, first start the game. Once you are in the game, look for a Thumbs Up button on the left side of the screen. Press it. This will bring up a text box. Copy the code from our list and paste it into the “Enter code here” field. Finally, press the “Redeem” button and your rewards will become available in the game.