New Enchants, Kits, and more

As players might know, Roblox BedWars developers share updates every Friday at 3:00 PM PST or 6:00 PM EST. Here’s a big update released on May 13, 2022 that introduces new game-changing enchants to the game!

There are three new enchants in total, which are: Life Steal, Critical Strike, and Clingy enchants. Many of the previous enchants like Execute have been reworked. Players can try the new kit bundles for free. Hopefully, more bundles are coming up soon!

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🎁 Kit Bundle Countdown (2 NEW kits!)🌟 Enchant Update (3 NEW enchants!)❤️‍🔥 LIFE STEAL Enchant💥 CRITICAL STRIKE Enchant💎 CLINGY Enchant☠️ EXECUTE Enchant Rework💰 PLUNDER Enchant Rework🆓 Free Kits: Smoke, Builder, Davey⚖️ Kit Balance Changes🔥 And more!

Bedwars is a team player versus player game in which one will battle their opponents on Sky Islands, protecting their bed while attempting to destroy the opponents’ beds to prevent them from respawning. The simple formula to win is: beat all of the opponents to win the game!

The new Roblox BedWars enchants update is here

Enchanting in Roblox BedWars


Each base has a broken Enchant Table that may be fixed for 8 Diamonds. It is a block that can be manipulated to provide various enchantments. Before it can be utilized, it needs fixing.

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Players can purchase a simple enchantment for 80 Iron or a sophisticated enchantment for four Emeralds that enhances their abilities or assaults. Fire, Static, Plunder, Execute, Critical Strike, Life Steal, and Clingy are now the seven different types of enchantments available.

New Life Steal enchant


Now dealing damage will be rewarded by healing players for three health using four ticks. If there is overhealing, it converts up to 25 shield health. It is a nice move when players are delivering maximum damage.

New Critical Strike enchant


A critical hit (or crit) is a possibility that a successful attack will cause more harm than a standard blow in various role-playing games and video games. In this game, there a 25% chance of dealing a critical strike with twice the damage.

New Clingy enchant


When a player dies now, they can save four random item stacks from being lost in the inventory. This has added that much-needed extra edge to the game.

Reworked enchants in Roblox BedWars



It has been renamed to “Execute” with new effects. The base damage has increased from 6 to 10.



Plunder will now give priority to emeralds, diamonds and other higher-value items. With the new effects, the cooldown time has been reduced from 5 seconds to 4.

Sadly, the developers have taken down Rapid Regen, Shield Gen, and Anti Knockback enchant. Also, to make things interestingly challenging, they have now changed the Enchant cycle, which is broken when the player dies.

Kits in Roblox BedWars

In BedWars, kits are unique avatar packs. Excluding Eldertree and Crocowolf, whose kit skin cannot be switched off due to physical avatar alterations, all kits provide a unique skill as well as the choice to wear the skin.

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Each week, three kits are given away for free as the rest must be purchased with Robux or unlocked using the Battle Pass. Smoke, Builder and Davey are the free Kits of the Week.

Kit Cyber Change


The price of the special item drone has been increased from 15 Iron to 50 Iron.

Kit Yuzi Change


Developers have added a maximum of four dash charges for Daos which is an exclusive variation of the Sword. It takes 10 seconds to start recharging dashes. Also, every Dash will now give 20 percent more damage.

Item Changes in Roblox BedWars


Minicopters are little planes that can really fly across the map and transport two people: the pilot and a rider. Arrows, fireballs, guided missiles, and snowballs can all harm the minicopter.


As per the update, the health rate has increased from 200 to 300. The Falling height needed to explode is reduced from 60 to 40. Explosion damage multiplier is now 3, from 2.5. They have added a health bar for the machine.

Tesla Coil Trap

Tesla coil traps are a type of obstacle that can be utilized to inflict damage on nearby enemies. Any adjacent enemy individual will be attacked by the Tesla coil trap. It used to deal four damage and is unaffected by armor.


As per the update, the zap radius is now 14. Damage per tick is no more four but has increased to six. The price to purchase this has gone from 40 iron to 50 iron.

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Other updates in Roblox BedWars

The Battle Duck that used to patrol an area and attack nearby enemies has been removed along with the Battle Duck Spawn Egg. The Tornado Launcher, which was used to shoot out a small tornado, was also removed.

The final item removed is the Boba Blaster and the Boba Pearls that were used to shoot the blaster. Images improved for the various maps for each of the four gamemodes.

Season 5 is expected to be released very soon.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul