5 best Roblox games for fans of One Piece

Roblox has released many games for anime fans out there, considering how big the fandom is. Likewise, Roblox developers have also developed games that are based on some famous anime-based video games.

A famous video game, called One Piece, is a 2-D video game based on a very famous anime and manga series of the same name called One Piece. The One Piece franchise was developed by Dimps Corporation and published by Bandai and released its first game in 2001.

Till 2005, the series was released only in Japan, and after that, it was released in Europe and all over the world. The last game of the franchise was One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 which is published by BNE Entertainment in 2020.

Fans of both Roblox and the One Piece franchise (manga, anime, and games) need not worry because they can experience both. This article focuses on the best Roblox games for One Piece fans.

5 best Roblox games for One Piece fans include Roblox A One Piece Game, Roblox True Piece, and more

1) A One Piece Game


A multiplayer game created in 2021 named A One Piece Game should be checked out by every One Piece fan. The title gives the same experience as the manga and anime series, as it is entirely based on that. The game has tons of followings with over 45 million regular players.

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Gamers have to earn Beli (in-game currency) as they grind. They can then spend the earned Beli on new upgrades for the boats and other in-game items.

The combat genre game was developed by Boss Studio [V.1] and can be played with up to 12 players connected to a single server. A One Piece Game was recently updated so players can check out its latest codes as well.

Codes help gamers enhance their performance while having fun playing the game with friends and other players online. The new codes are released upon reaching certain milestones, so players are advised to stay connected with the developers social media accounts regarding further codes and updates.

2) Grand piece online


A single-player Roblox game called Grand Piece Online was released in 2018 by Grand Quest Games. The adventurous game has a huge following including more than 320 million players regularly visiting it. Creators describe the game as a “long-awaited naval adventure experience.”

The game is fun to play as it allows gamers to work towards their ideal build and discover hidden locations to challenge bosses while competing with other online gamers. As the game should be played alone, the opponent is not known and can be anyone randomly.

The game is very engaging, as it involves scavenging the land for treasures and exotic fruits that provide power to those who eat them. Players have to decide whether to hunt the pirates or get along with them.

Not just this, players can create a crew and add more players as well. If not, they can also join a crew and be a member of it. The game play sounds fun and pretty interesting as the players are the decision-makers here. They should check out this amazing game at least once.

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3) True Piece


Roblox gamers can get a whole familiar experience of One Piece with this game. True Piece was created by DivineTempest in 2021.

The game is pretty fun to play as it involves players becoming a pirate or a marine explorer and they have to obtain a reputation or bounty to reflect their status by increasing their defensive and offensive powers.

Players can also learn many different skills, including weapons skills, combat skills, and more. By exploring the world of True Piece, they can fight with bosses and also gain rare and unique in-game items to increase their powers to battle efficiently.

The game has been updated recently, so players should definitely try out those as well before they get expired. These codes help players get new gems, boosts, and more. There are currently 500 cap levels in the game where the fruit spawns every hour and despawns after 30 minutes.

Premium players get the advantage of getting five gems every hour. The game is interesting and quite engaging.

4) King Legacy


Created by Venture Lagoons in 2019, King Legacy is one of the most popular Roblox games on the platform. The game has a huge fan base with over 1 billion players.

Currently, the game has 3400 levels, where players have to participate in missions, unlock new levels, and explore more and different locations to get stronger and more powerful. The multiplayer action-packed game can be played with up to 12 players connected to a single server.

The title was recently updated, and the developers have released new codes to enhance player performance. The title currently has 36 Physical Fruits in the game, and the fruit spawns on the map every 1-2 hours, despawning after 15 minutes.

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It is the most recommended and engaging game on the list where players will enjoy themselves a lot.

5) Blox Fruits


Created and released by Gamer Robot in 2019, Blox Fruits is among the most popular Roblox games based on One Piece. The adventurous multiplayer game is a pretty amazing game that can be played with up to 12 players connected to a single server.

With a player base that is about five billion strong, the game’s aim is for the players to train and become the strongest swordsman or the master of Blox fruit.

Players can battle to become the most powerful player in the game with 2300 cap levels, where the fruit spawns every hour and despawns after 20 minutes. Players are recommended to join the Discord server to stay updated about the game and learn more about it.