‘Roblox’ Trojan Virus Now Infecting PCs! Even Business Computers are At Risk

A new “Roblox” trojan virus is now infecting PCs. If the malicious content further spreads, it can cause a wide cybersecurity threat since lots of gamers across the globe play the block-building game.  

'Roblox' Trojan Virus Now Infecting PCs! Even Business Computers are At Risk

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As of writing, there are around 43 million “Roblox” gamers across the globe. Imagine how many PCs will be affected if they are all infected by the new trojan virus. 

Now, Checkpoint’s security experts confirmed that hackers are now using the Synapse X scripting tool to spread their new trojan virus. 

‘Roblox’ Trojan Virus Now Infecting PCs!

According to Tech Radar’s latest report, hackers will first use a specific version of the Synapse X to exploit their online attacks. 

'Roblox' Trojan Virus Now Infecting PCs! Even Business Computers are At Risk

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A participant sits at a computer monitor to play a video game at the 2019 DreamHack video gaming festival on February 15, 2019 in Leipzig, Germany. The three-day event brings together gaming enthusiasts mainly from German-speaking countries for events including eSports tournaments, cosplay contests and a LAN party with 1,500 participants.

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After that, they will install library files into the Windows system folder. Since the new trojan virus is quite stealthy, the Windows security feature will not easily detect it, allowing it to run on the computer. 

Checkpoint warned that the trojan virus installed in Synapse X could easily spread since “Roblox” is a game that is usually played by young gamers. 

Security experts also believe that business computers can also be affected.

Since most employees are still working from home, their PCs can be infected by the new “Roblox” trojan virus if their kids accidentally install the infected version of the scripting tool. 

“This report represents a misleading picture of this exploit, which is in Synapse X, not Roblox. Using third-party services to circumvent specific systems is also against our Terms of Service,” said Checkpoint.  

How To Identify a Trojan Virus? 

Since the new computer virus in “Roblox” is a trojan type, there’s a high chance that it will show the same issues that other trojan viruses create when infecting PCs or laptops. 

Enterprise provided some of the signs you need to check if you want to identify the trojan virus on your computer. Here are some of them: 

  • Slow computer
  • Being redirected to unfamiliar websites
  • Strange pop-ups
  • Unfamiliar add-ons and plugins
  • Applications acting strange
  • Disabled security applications such as UAC
  • Insufficient memory
  • Changed desktop
  • Weird icons on the taskbar
  • Missing files
  • Receiving spam
  • Blue screen of death

If you want to know further details about the signs of computer trojan viruses, you can visit this link. 

On the other hand, “Roblox” China was recently closed down, leading to rumors about a new version. 

Meanwhile, a “Roblox” troll gamer was asked by a U.S. court to avoid accessing the game. 

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