Fortnite Downtime Confirmed For May 17 – Here’s Why Servers Are Down

Another big update is on the way and that means more Fortnite downtime across all platforms.

The good news is that Epic Games has confirmed its plans to keep servers offline, and what time fans should expect maintenance to start.

They’ve also provided some early news regarding what the upcoming Fortnite update 20.40 includes, and its good news for multiplatform fans.

Here’s what we know about what’s happening later this week as part of the official Fortnite server downtime schedule.

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Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War 1 Trailer | Marvel Comics





Fortnite Server Downtime For May 17

Epic Games has confirmed maintenance for Tuesday, May 17, 2022, with Fortnite server downtime scheduled to start at 9am BST in the UK, and 4am ET in North America. During this time, live matches will be disabled and only a few core functions associated with the game will be available. It should also be noted that players will begin to be booted from live matches 30 minutes before, so you will need to finish any business at around 8am BST to make sure you don’t face any disruption. This will be unified maintenance, meaning it will be happening at the same time across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC and Mobile platforms.

Epic Games has provided a rough guide on how long this week’s downtime could last, listing a possible end time for 11am UTC. However, it should be noted that most maintenance is completed in a shorter period, and this should be treated as the maximum servers could be offline. The best way to know when downtime has ended is by checking the official social media platforms, as Epic Games provides the latest updates via Twitter and Reddit.

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A message from Epic Games adds: “Sidle in for a showdown! The v20.40 update is scheduled for release on May 17th. Downtime will begin at 04:00 AM ET, with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes beforehand.”

As mentioned above, the Fortnite dev team have also provided some early news on what the next update will do. As announced today and starting with the upcoming v20.40 update, V-Bucks purchased on PlayStation may be used across platforms that support Fortnite Shared Wallet (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming services). This is one of the changes confirmed for this week’s patch, but it won’t be the only thing that is different in the game. The complete rundown will be shared by Epic Games via official patch notes on May 17.

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