“What a Fortnite Move Damn”: FaZe babybay and Valorant Twitter reacts to EG Reformed’s 200 IQ play against Sentinels

EG recently played against Sentinels in the NA VCT Challengers 2 Group Stage, and one particular play by Reformed caught everyone’s eye.

The North American Challengers have been a roller coaster of a ride so far with unexpected teams showing insane performance. An example of one such team is our very own EG aka Evil Geniuses. They have been one of the up-and-coming teams from the NA regions, but their performance yesterday put them on the map. As they went 2-0 against one of NA’s best.

Going into this matchup, everyone thought it would be an easy SEN win. But EG came well prepared and read sentinels like a book. We got to see some of the most impressive executes and plays by them. But the one unique play that caught everyone by surprise(especially sick) was Reformed’s 500 IQ sage wall play.

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Valorant Twitter reacting to EG Reformed

Even though we have seen these “TicTok plays” over the years, seeing it live on a competitive stage was a surprise for viewers. And on the fun side, people started naming this strat as the Fortnite play, which turned out to be quite hilarious.

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Let’s hope players keep coming up with plays similar to this, keeping the viewers and the players entertained. And on a side note if you want to try this play in your matches go if it, no one will expect it.