Fortnite Personality Bugha Releases New Mistaverse Island

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, Fortnite World Cup 2019 Champion and content creator, partnered up with AXE to release the Fortnite island Mistaverse. Players and fans can play the Capture the Flag game mode.

The Med-Mist inspired map is playable now by entering the map code 3028-7555-9283 on this link. The partnership between Bugha and AXE to create a map based on the in-game item was born after players compared Med Mist to AXE in recent times.

“Collaborating with AXE on the Med Mist-inspired Mistaverse in Fortnite Creative has been such a fun experience” said Bugha. “Together, AXE and I are taking Med Mist’s healing ability to the absolute next level with a whole world that powers up players’ creativity. Can’t wait to see what other players think.”

Hop onto the Mistaverse and find:

  • Within the in-game challenge, teams of players are tasked with capturing the flag at the center of the map, bringing it back to their home base, using Med-Mist cans to power up their gameplay.
  • Inspired by their original in-game form, Med Mist cans help power-up players as they’re playing the game with four power-ups: anti-gravity, damage boost, advanced speed or a health boost.
  • The map is full of ‘Easter eggs’ for fans to discover and decode

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