How to play, codes, features, and more

Roblox collaborated with Spotify in creating a game called Spotify Island that visualizes a unique Roblox experience specifically involving music in the gameplay. Spotify became the first music-streaming brand to publish its own game on Roblox. Players can create new music while mellowing up with their party. Spotify Island is termed a “paradise of sound” by the music company.

Spotify Island stands alone with its unique gameplay and features, which are both admired and revered by players and fans. It is one of the best games to sit back and relax while creating or listening to music. The option to interact with musical artists is a great way for super fans to buy the virtual merchandise of their favorite artists.

Play Roblox Spotify Island and live the moment where music and gaming meets


How to play Roblox Spotify Island

It is a pretty easy game. Players can explore the island independently or with friends and search for rare collectibles or complete quests to earn Hearts, the in-game currency. Hearts are used to unlock certain areas of the island and buy various items for your avatar.

Spotify Island is a music-based game where players can buy or collect merchandise from their favorite artists while wandering the island in search of hearts, music notes, and other collectibles. Roblox Spotify Island is a must-play game for anyone who is a big fan of music and gaming.

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Spotify Island allows players to interact with music artists and interact with them. Had a long stressful day? Launch Spotify Island and witness the change of mind firsthand.

Active codes in Spotify Island


Unfortunately, there is just one available and working Roblox Spotify Island code. Readers are advised to copy and paste the code as it is case-sensitive.

  • SPOTIFY20K – Redeem to get x2000 Hearts

Players are also advised to redeem the code as soon as possible as it may expire at any time. Don’t worry. Spotify Island is a new game that gets regular updates, so more codes are expected to be released soon.

Inactive codes in Spotify Island


Luckily, there are no expired codes yet.

Features in Roblox Spotify Island


Users have the complete freedom to create music anywhere on the map and can make and discover music at the beat-maker stations (powered by Soundtrap), which are placed across the map. Gamers will eventually teleport out of the main island to other islands, as Spotify quoted saying,

“These destinations will be filled with exclusive content, artist interactions, and themed mini-quests designed for both superfans and curious explorers.”

Players can pause the background music and play it at any time, and make sure to collect points from doing all this and climb to the top of “The Charts.” Once they reach certain areas, they hear different background music, even when the main track is paused.

Explore the island while listening to music, give Roblox Spotify Island a try, and have a memorable Roblox experience. Spotify immerses users in the music world no matter how or where they’re listening.

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Going to the island’s center, players will find what appears to be a massive empty stage. This stage is used for live concerts and meet-ups. K-Pop star SUNMI is said to be the first special guest artist to be holding a concert, and the official date hasn’t been released yet.

Other artists to be featured there include western pop stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles.

Badges and free items

Earn rewards by completing quests on the Island (Image via Roblox)
Earn rewards by completing quests on the Island (Image via Roblox)

There are four free items that players can collect from Spotify Island. Complete a few tasks to earn badges and also free rewards.

  1. Basics First – Get Hwaiting
  2. Collect all notes! – Get a 5-Petal Backpack
  3. Mushroom bouncer – Annyeong (안녕)
  4. Floating Boombox – Floating Boombox

Basics First

  • Players are required to finish the tutorial.

Collect all notes!

  • Find all twenty music notes scattered around the island and claim the 5-Petal Backpack.

Mushroom Bouncer

  • Jump on twenty mushrooms and be rewarded with Annyeong (안녕).

Floating Boombox

  • “Producer” & “Playful Producer” complete these music quests and get the boombox which floats!

K-Park in Spotify Island

More destinations based on various music genres will be introduced in the future. Gamers can travel to K-Park via a portal on Spotify Island. K-Park, for instance, is devoted to the K-Pop genre.

Players and super fans will interact with artists like Stray Kids, SUNMI, and other K-Pop artists in K-Park. In-game merchandise for these artists is available for purchase as well. Readers can expect a lot of features to be added in the upcoming days.

More updates and new codes for Roblox Spotify Island

Make sure to follow @Spotify on Twitter to get news about the game. Readers can expect new codes to be released on the game’s milestones and other special events.

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