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Countless fans around the world want Fortnite to immortalize Juice WRLD with an in-game concert and emote. The singer’s manager has indirectly confirmed the highly-anticipated crossover.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Fortnite revolutionized gaming by hosting in-game concerts featuring the likes of Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott. These events have always been a massive success, and loopers are eagerly awaiting something equally spectacular in Chapter 3.

Here’s why the next artist to perform in Fortnite could be none other than the late, great, Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD’s manager might have signed an NDA with Fortnite developer Epic Games

It all started with Juice WRLD’s manager Lil Bibby opening up about a Fortnite collaboration a few months ago. He admitted to having a meeting with Epic Games about the same, and fans have had sky-scraping expectations ever since.

Thereafter, Lil Bibby retweeted a Fortnite Chapter 3 post but deleted it eventually. He also reacted to a fan-made post that talked about a Juice WRLD concert and skin in Epic Games’ Battle Royale title.

Now, in a recent Instagram live, Juice WRLD’s manager Pete claimed that he cannot be vocal about the singer’s concert in Fortnite or he’ll get in trouble.

“Fortnite, If I say anything about Fortnite, I’m gonna get in trouble. I can’t say anything or I’m gonna get in trouble”.

From the looks of it, Juice’s manager has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Epic Games. This could be a hint that a Juice WRLD concert and cosmetics are in the works already and the developers do not want anyone to spoil the surprise.

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Having said that, Lil Bibby could have signed a non-disclosure agreement even if Epic Games didn’t agree to a crossover. The singer passed away in 2019, and many fans do not want his managers or game developers to commercialize his music.

Epic Games has always tried its best to stay out of controversy, and it could be the reason why Juice WRLD’s manager isn’t allowed to open up about his meeting.

What to expect from a Juice WRLD concert in Fortnite, if it happens

Live events have been Fortnite’s area of expertise for a long time. Over the years, the quality of live events has improved significantly. Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour and Chapter 2 Season 8’s The End live event are perfect examples of the same.

Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite contained a Juice WRLD song as well
Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour in Fortnite featured a Juice WRLD song

Juice WRLD has a ton of hit songs that can be a part of his Fortnite concert. The singer also has thousands of unreleased songs and fans can expect a teaser/segment for them as well.

Music concerts in Fortnite are usually followed by the singer’s skin releasing in the Item Shop, but this might not be the case with Juice WRLD. Many of his supporters feel that Epic Games should only release an emote in the singer’s memory and avoid releasing his outfit.

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It is worth noting that this article is purely based on speculation, and readers must take it with a grain of salt.